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CleanScreen Non Linting Protective Clothing

Non-Linting 100% Dacron® Prevents Contamination

Lakeland Industries' solution to potential linting contamination is its quality line of CleanScreen® non-linting protective garments made with DuPont 100% Dacron® polyester yarn. These durable coveralls, lab coats, shirt-pant combinations are worn by clean room technicians throughout the electronics assembly and pharmaceutical operations, as well as the automotive industry in paint spray environments. They provide highly effective barriers against many airborne particulates.

CleanScreen® Makes Lint the least of your worries!

Lakeland's line of woven CleanScreen® non-linting garments are constructed in a plain weave with DuPont 100% Dacron® polyester yarn. These labcoats, coveralls and shirt-pant combinations effectively bar airborne particulates like lint from clean rooms and peripheral areas meant to be pristine. They are the top priority choices for workers in industrial clean rooms, particularly in the electronic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in automotive assembly and paint spray environments. Available with nylon zippers and adjustable snap closures in a full range of sizes and colors. Lakeland's line of versatile woven garments protect the work as well as the worker.